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Just beat the game, here's my thoughts!

- I think the levels lacked variety and were dragging on for too long. By stage 4, I was hoping that the game would end sooner than later.

- All levels felt the same (other than the graphics) with mostly the same enemies and moving/ bouncing platforms. The color palette often made it difficult to distinguish the background from the platforms and the enemies / bullets.

- I think it would be better if it was possible to shoot faster when quickly tapping the button rather than being stuck with the slow rate of fire, especially with the default weapon.

- The plane sequence at the end was totally unexpected and pretty cool, even though the controls felt a bit awkward.

- The music was buggy in stage 4 and 5, constantly cutting off every 10 seconds or so.

- In conclusion, I thought it was a really cool game and had a pretty fun time with it, but it could have been better with more variety and better graphics. It reminded me more of Contra Force than Contra.

GamesByMichi responds:

Thank you for the review, i try to add variety as i update the game. The music can have issues with certain browsers but i have not experienced the kind you explained, wich browser were you using? I try to see what can be done. I also try to tweak the shooting speed a bit for the next version. It took me 4 years to coomplete making this game, as i did it alone, but it is no excuse for lack of variety. :)

Best way for me to make it better is to get honest reviews like this, so thank you very much sir.

Beat the game with 95 power, was there a power-up I didn't find? Very fun game! A full game with multiple levels like this would be awesome!

Donpatch-XD responds:

Wait what? How did you do that? You should be at 100 Power befor you can finish. Well done!

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